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My mom wants a new blog

She says she is tired of reading my Woah nelly blog!

so here it is. Life is hectic....i think that might be an understatement.

My midterm did not go so well...i got a C....feeling a little worried about next semester, but i will do what i can, i think i may take my last crim elective and leave stats for one more semester. i am sure that it will still be there in the summer.

Brownies is going well, i cant believe we only have like 5 weeks left till christmas break.

speaking of christmas...I know what is number one on my christmas list this year!!!

I WANT A CRICUT....i want the cricut expression...but will settle for the critcut personal. there is about a 300 dollar difference between the two! IT LOOKS SO FREAKING COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe i should look on craigslist or ebay and see if they have a used not against used ones as long as they work.

Chris and i are getting ready for an amazing week long trip to seattle. We are super excited, and i will finally get to go spend the whole day at experience music. We will be doing quite a bit of photography and will be taking all our gear down with us. I am really looking forward to some amazing artwork when we get home.

We are taking the train there and back, so i think that will be really exciting. I think it will be a memorable trip.

Work is going really well, im not convinced the new supervisor doesn't hate me....but I asked flat out if there was a problem with my work and he said im not worried at all. I am getting anxious to just get on with my career though. One of the ladies in the choir suggested i look into the option of switching to psychiatry versus pscyhology. Believe it or not its the same amount of school. Although it garners you more prestige and more money. I dont know if i can switch or if i would need to upgrade some electives, but i will look into it regardless.

I should go now...I am creating a pile of crap to go to the dump as Chris and I get ready to make the move into our dream place, while we "live like no one else, so we can later live like no one else" and start putting away the money to buy.

i wil try and keep everyone updated more often!

Love you!


Denise Nagy said…
You should definetly check into Craigslist! I find so much on there..have fun on your trip! sounds like an adventure, and good luck with the move :)
Kimpossible said…
Good to hear from you Tara. Maybe I'll actually get to see you while I'm there.

This comment brought to you by the word: pronever
Laura said…
So happy you blogged! It made my day! Love you

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