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BZZAGENT REVIEW - Trend Micro Titanium

I was offered the opportunity to try out the New Trend Micro Titanium Subscription and then submit a review.   I think some of you may have seen my posts when I first got it about how you could get a copy for a discount at Best Buy.

(discount code "BZZ30" (for use on the Trend Micro™ site) and the downloadable Best Buy coupon .)

I have had this installed now for about two months and I have to say I LOVE IT!  I was able to use my one subscription to cover my laptop, my tablet and my smart phone!  The install was really easy and even unistalled the other program I had on my computer for me as part of the install.

It took me only a few minutes to run through the set up and push it to my mobile devices.   The scan is quick and thorough, and no longer causes my computer to just randomly shut down for no apparently reason like the other one I was using!

One of the features that I LOVE is under the email/website settings, I notice it most on Facebook.  When I log in to facebook it immediately scans each and every link on the page (without slowing down load time) and then highlights all safe links green and all unsafe links red!

I can let trendmicro run its scans in the background without noticing a drain on my computer or a lag on whatever I am doing.   You can even run a clean up scan that will go through your processes and shut down unnecessary items.

One of the other features that I have not used yet and hope not to have to use ever is the vault feature.   It works in two I can put super confidential files in there and if you do not have the password and you try it wipes it away.   The second feature is that if my bag gets stolen, I can jump on my computer and lock down my smart phone and tablet or vice versa if someone broke into my house.  

Once I lock it down I have the option to keep it locked until it is returned to me or I can wipe it remotely.

There are also parental controls for all three of my devices, so I could lock down anything important but still allow my nephew to play the "bird" game.

Why not check out the features and see if its something you might like to try!   If your security system is coming due why not check out another option especially if you can get a discount!

Visit to learn more about Trend Micro™ Titanium™ Maximum Security.  Don't forget you can also use discount code "BZZ30" (for use on the Trend Micro™ site) or the downloadable Best Buy coupon if you want to go into a store and pick it up.


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