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HOLY S%^&T its HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am freaking out……………
I have to say I am feeling a lot of big feelings right now….as many of you know I am doing something I have never done before!   I am taking an entire month off work and will be going to europe.  I am not working, I am not on a missions trip, I am simply being an indulgent tourist!

Originally it was going to be a romantic trip for two to Rome and then meet up with family for an amazing france extravaganza followed by my first trip to the home of my ancestors.  Okay not really… I am going to London and my family is from Luton…well part of them.   I also have Dakota Sioux….and some other european and who knows really whats on the other side…german and american if I remember without checking out my ancestry tree again.

I digress, can you tell I am a bit scattered?

Anyway back to this romantic trip for 1…..This trip has been in the planning stages for almost two years.   When we first started I was dating someone who had intended (i think anyway) to come with me.   However, life had other plans which you have been reading about.   Its hard to remember in the moment but so many things in life happen for a reason and I am beyond happy today!

As you all know from following the dating saga that The Foreman and I have been dating pretty much exclusively for a bit now and I am a bit sad about leaving him behind since I know he would love it too!  I am sure we will get a chance to do more cool things in the future!

so why the other big feelings???

I have travelled before alone and then met up with people but for some reason I am more nervous this time.  I don’t know if its because I am older and more cautious or because its longer, or I know less of the language?   Oh well…its happening so YAY!
I have been stressing about work and packing and cleaning and living and oh yeah trying to get better from BRONCHITIS

Who does that?  Who gets Bronchitis before they go away????
I hope to pop up a few pictures and little notes as I go along but more likely they will be posted directly to facebook (it is easier on my phone).   So keep your eyes peeled for my mini updates.   We are all journaling while we are away to help encourage the boys to practice their writing over the summer so I will share some of my journal when I return.

Now I will try to make you insanely jealous….a little about my trip for those of you who I haven’t already told.

First stop is Rome
My intent is to walk until I drop, see ALL the things and eat all the foods!  I am looking at a walking foodie tour through Trastevere and I found a super ridiculous nightclub not far from my hotel but from the website it looks like it doesn’t even start getting kicking until after midnight so we will see!!!  Maybe I will meet a group of Italians and they will graciously invite me to join them for Apperativo and I will make new friends for life.

I have booked a tour of St. Peters Basilica and the Vatican on my second full day there and I can’t wait to see the art and the crypts!

Lets see…..then I will take a plane…a Train….and an automobile (no kidding guys!!) to get to a party in LaBoule/Pornichet where I will meet my gorgeous family for a lovely sea side vacation
I am hoping to get lots of use out of that adorable bathing suit I told you about!

I do know the day after I arrive we will leave for an abbey on a tiny island community in the Normandy region, but it’s so fantastical I refuse to share any pictures until I can show you the ones I will take!

We will be in Pornichet for Bastille Day and Tanya and Andre’s anniversary (which may be the same day) and there will be more big parties on the beach!  

Then we will jump in the car(s) and head to the country house in Villon for a relaxed experience in the Dijon region of France
My understanding is that we will be seeing castles, visiting a winery and a champagnery?? A champagne vigneyard?  A place where they make champagne….in the actual champagne region so like REAL champagne!!  Expect a bottle of that to be coming home with me!

Next we jump back in the car and head to PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is Andre’s turn to be full on tour guide and we have all let him know what we have to see.  My only request was that we have a truly decadent French meal here!   As soon as we get to Paris we will be ditching the cars because

We don’t have a damn death wish hahaha

I know very little actually about what we are doing in Paris except a lot of walking and seeing of the things like in Rome!

Then we will board the train in Paris and take the Chunnell (yes Tom it’s a real thing look it up) to London!!
I am super excited to be heading to London as it has so much history but also because my mom is super excited to take her babies there!  She has it all planned out!

I am also excited because on the first full day there we will go and tour Pax Lodge which is one of the 5 world centers of the Girl Guide organization!  I hope to visit the rest of them as well but not this trip LOL.

Mom wants to show us the M&M world, I want to see Harrods and we are going to Greenwich so expect to see a video of me walking backwards through time!!

Okay I hope I have teased you enough to come back and see the blog as I travel but I have got to get back to work

I have to get this under control before I leave so I don’t leave my work partner underwater!   Then I get to go home and deal with the rest of the house which currently looks like this…
Okay maybe not….but as some of you know my house is tiny and when two things are out of place it feels like this to me!!  The Europe pile in the corner of my bedroom has been growing and is stressing me out!  I need to pack it up!

So get ready for the avalanche of pictures
And I am going to go try and survive the next 5 days until I leave!!!!!!
Till next time my sweet readers!!!



Denise Nardi said…
I hope you have the most wonderful trip ever! Make lots of memories, take lots of pictures and come back to tell us lots of stories. Love you lots and enjoy this time for just you. You deserve it and you have earned it!

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