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My last week as a 38 year old woman!

Wow,   I can hardly believe another year has already passed!   I thought I would tell you about the incredible and amazing last week I had as a 38 year old woman!  Not that I turned into a 25 year old man or anything like that….but 38…holy crap!

Monday – I woke up, stressed!   Only a week left till concerts, a job offer on the table but no job, a sore throat and headache and worst of all…a crap load of laundry to do!   So naturally I procrastinated, sent a few emails, watched TV and sewed up my very first tank top!   Off to choir and a great rehearsal!

Tuesday – I took that crappy ass tank top to my mom so she could explain to me how I could have possibly ruined this shirt when I followed the pattern and how I am supposed to iron that stupid fabric that won’t crease so I can do a seam??  Well, mom and I ran some errands and then sat down to dissect my sewing job.   Here is what I learned:
  1. I rush….slow down and your seams will stay straighter
  2. You have to draw all those little marks on both sides of the fabric they all mean something!
  3. You can’t iron that stupid fabric
  4. You have to roll and painstakingly pin the hem all the way around
  5. Follow what the picture says more than the words because “twist 5 times” is not the same as twist till it looks like the picture so your boobs aren’t hanging out of the sides.
  6. My mom is a goddess!
  7. I was going to have to use a stitch ripper on the bottom of the tank top! Crap…..

Guess what….while we were talking, I got a phone call and they want me to start tomorrow!   OH MAN…what am I going to wear?   Not the tank top obviously!

Wednesday – I got up early, put my bento box in my lunch bag and tromped off to my new job!   Everyone was so nice but there isn’t really anything for me to do!   I have to wait for the papers to show up at my house and then go from there.    So I read up on the website and what needs to be done in my first week!  Also...I tried to take out those stitches but Tired eyes + low light + old age = complete inability to do it!  ICK what is happening to me??

Thursday – more of the same…but today I did some online courses!  Now I know how to wash my hands properly and how to put on my PPE should I ever need to deal with patients at the hospital LOL.   Girl Guide council meeting in the evening and run home to try and get some sleep! 

Friday - Long day at work, kind of ran out of stuff to do.   Someone gave me a book on outcome mapping so I am reading that!  Went and met mom, picked up the car, saw Andre and the boys and scarfed down some amazing chicken that my dad picked up at Whole Foods….DISASTER… was so freaking good and there is a whole foods right down the street from my office!  I sense this being a lunch regular!

Saturday – woke up super excited!  TODAY IS CONCERT DAY!!!!!  Made my lunch, got dressed and headed out to Vancouver!  The 3pm concert was so awesome, we had people dancing in the aisles and I think I may have come up with a system to allow me to do a sway in half time and clap double time!   Hahaha laugh all you want….Go try it, I insist.  I will wait right here while you try!
See told you!   Want to know the trick?  Dance!  Once I put a little boogie in there it all worked out!  How do I know?  Because I didn’t mess it up in the 2nd concert.    The evening concert was just as great and the finale really clicked.   Man I love this group!  Afterwards Andre, Tanya, Irving, Christine, Chris and I all walked over to Cactus Club for a drink and a chat!  Great way to end the night.

Sunday – SO TIRED!!!!!!!!!   My body and my voice!   Got home a bit late, getting up for church was a bit of a struggle this morning.   But so glad I did!   Cityview is a cool place and I like being there, it really makes me miss East Van though.    After church, we headed off to Mom and Dad’s for the great Lang Girls Joint Birthday Party!   Maybe you don’t know, but Tanya and I have just 3 days between our birthdays!!  We asked for BBQ meat, potato salad and instead of cake Tanya wanted Sex in a Pan.   If you have not had this dessert, you are missing out.   It is six layers of delight, all creamy and cool and yummy!    Mom keeps insisting its Six in a pan….but we know better!   The grandparents Tanner came over and so did Cathy and Isabel.   Much fun was had enjoying a sunny day and each others company!

So here we are…Monday…MY BIRTHDAY!!   I share this awesome day with my “cousin” (a dear dear close family friend) Jolene and this morning she welcomed her beautiful daughter Maisey Lyn into the world.    So now she and I will have to share our birthday three ways, HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!  
The last week of my 38th year turned out pretty darn good, and this first few weeks of my 39th year are looking pretty fantastic as well!   Rehearsal tonight and then we head into Brian Adams Studio in Gastown to record our 2nd CD on the weekend and next week I will be attending my convocation from SFU.   Just around the corner is my anniversary, I am going to camp in august and of course settling into my new job!

God is good and he has blessed me once again!


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