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Some times i have premonitions.....

sometimes its a vague feeling....sometimes its a vision....sometimes its really quick and sometimes it repeats and repeats. Sometimes its nothing...and sometimes it comes true.

I knew the day i got in the huge car accident in edmonton, that we were going to get hurt (and no i wasn't driving) and all day i begged my driver to put on her seatbelt....and just minutes before we got creamed she did.

there are more but i digress to today....i drive past this street near my house all the time, the other side has the stop sign, but there are two guys who park their trucks so that it completley blocks the view from both directions every day!

EVERY time i drive by the same thought....i'm gonna get hit one of these days....what would i do...probably try to excellerate through the intersection. then i think of that stat that says 75% of accidents happen less than 5 blocks from home. Then i drive through the intersection and the feeling is gone.

This morning i thought the same thing about the trucks and then i saw the car....and everything went into slow motion as i hit the gas and prayed that it would slide by me....and it did, literally by millimeters....SCARED THE POOP OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe its a good thing i had thought about it and prepared myself to excelarate, cuz if i had followed my first instinct to stop i would have got tboned but bad! Thank god the car actually allowed me to accelerate LOL.

So Barbie has no scratch...(well no more than the other ones Cory had already given her LOL)....but i got to say im still super tense, so tense i might need a muscle relaxer to get my back and neck to release!

I have to start work thats my story for today!


Tanya said…
creepy! I'm so glad you're ok!
Time to stick a note on those trucks asking them to respect the corner and park repsonsibly. Yck!
Today's comment is brought to you by the word: yewbqr
I am so thankful that you have the Lord and the Holy Spirit on your side to remind you of what to do when you have a vision. Praise GOD that you are safe and in the name of Christ, I ask God to PLEASE keep you safe AND make those trucks disappear from the corner...geeesh...stupid trucks!

I think this word is a cool one: wwlwndh
Tara Lynn said…
oooh i want a word....what about: Xgyclj
Laura said…
Wow! So glad you are safe! Many years ago when we lived in Port Moody I would have the same dream night after night, about being in the car with Dad and you girls and driving into Burnaby and a car running a red light and hitting the passenger side of the car. One Saturday we drove into town and inexplicably your Dad stopped at a green light - And a car sped through the read light!
And I never had that dream again!

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