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did you all see my sister the famous protestor?

Here she is at the H&M nurse in...she wanted to go check it out, didnt feel the need to force her child to feed like some...but wanted to see what was up and show her support for another friend who was told cover up on a westjet flight.

you can see her blog here at and read the story.

My fave part of the story (after tanya told me about all he mothers hamming it up for the cameras) was the baby who kept asking for a BA BA and the mother would say thats right hun Bad store...Bad store....and looking for the cameras. I dont know about you....but in my world...and most everyone i know BA BA means Bottle! Lets just be real about this ladies.

Tanya and i talked about this before she left, there was actually a woman in our cafeteria who was talking (loudly enough) about how she though breast feeding in public was obscene and these mothers should just cover up. Which i thought was pretty funny coming from a very large lady who wears very small clothes on a regular basis. She doesnt want to see the side of a boob but we are daily graced by the presence of her exposed skin?

I think that most mothers who are breastfeeding in public have the smarts to be modest enough about it. Are you going to catch the occasional glimpse of boob? yes you are. Are you going to see the occasional woman who pulls out her entire boob and slaps it on the table? yup you are....but i have to say i would rather catch an occasional glimpse of boob than a big fat, slobby, hairy, man boobed chest of a man walking around...and well all of these are legal so suck it up!

Do you like to eat your sandwich under a blanket in the middle of summer? NO??? what really? neither does my nephew! its hot...and stuffy....and really i dont want something covering my face while i eat. There was another woman in toronto who was scolded in a LeSenza store also and she said "you get to eat your big mac in the store and no one complains....well so does my son!" i thought that was pretty clever.

Well i am quite sure we are never all going to agree, but i for one will not be shunned to a back room, or try to make my child wait to feed. I will cover up as much as i can, however i will not suffucate my child under a blanket or push them to starvation just to please someone who has a stick up their butt. You have the legal right to be ignorant...and i have the legal right to feed my child! lets just agree to disagree and stay out of each others faces!


I really love this new topic of boob blogging. I am preparing myself for our first Sunday with Paige, by reading this stuff and envisioning myself, untucking Paige from her carseat, bringing her up to my chest, and plopping my boob into her suckling little mouth (Denise style ie no lifting of the shirt, a pulling down of the collar of the shirt). Over and over and over again I tell myself that church HAS to be a place to nurse without a mother's room, GOD INVENTED BOOBS AND MILK. Thank you Tara for blogging some more about this. I really ask for your prayers for me to be able not only to nurse exclusivly but also without shame.
Denise Nagy said…
Oh boy I love the way you worded this blog!!I agree with every single truth telling sentence...YOU ROCK! I have been told to cover up with evil glares but never by someone in a store, how embarassing!!I would definetly be upset about that...

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