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WOAH........its been awhile.

Its howdy doody time….its howdy doo….wait?  

what was I talking about? Oh yeah….

Its update time….I know my three loyal followers are wondering if I fell off the face of the earth and I kind of feel like I have.

Okay lets go back in the history books and see where our intrepid hero was when we last spoke with her….

HOLY F^&*)^!!!!!   I was leaving for Europe….has it really been almost a year!!!!!!!!!

Man I am going to have to break this one up….so here is what I will do.   I will write a general update and go back and review my pics and journals and then I will write a series of three posts.   One for Italy, one for France and a final one  for London and my overall feelings about the trip.

I guess for your hard core fans you have seen the pics on facebook and heard the stories around the watercooler, but for those of you who aren’t in the know….I will tell you all the gritty details.   Tales of the most disastrous travel day of my life….the most amazing meal I ever ate….the pickpocket incident and of course my favourite “I am not getting out of this car to look at another castle…I said NO!”

Okay so the regular run of the mill update:

Dating – I know you all miss the adventures in dating, but The Foreman and I have been dating for almost a year and in fact we are going on our first real trip together next month!  5 days in Las Vegas baby!!!

Tom is an exceptional guy who is human and flawed and a little rednecky some days but is so kind, and thoughtful and loving that I barely remember what dating disasters I have ever had.   We have been loving life and hating living 5 cities apart but making it work.   He makes my busy life so much more relaxed and awesome!  I can only hope that I add as much to his life as he adds to mine.   I really enjoy doing life with him.

Work – I am still a paralegal for the same place and despite some HR hiccups (I am new to the union supervision thing) I am still loving my job.   I get the joy of occasionally making a difference in a kids life and that feels pretty amazing.

Home – I am still living in the same lovely little garden suite in east van and I LOVE it!  It is small and often messy (because 3 things out of place looks like a bomb went off) but its cozy and homey and I love it.   The family is fast working toward the intergenerational living plan but they are not sure that there will be room for me since I am not putting in anything towards the mortgage other than too little rent.   I hope we are able to work it out but if not, I guess I will have a lovely place to visit.  Martin will be going in on it as well so between him, Dad and Tanya I should get fed pretty well when I visit.   Hopefully it will be easily accessible on transit and not too far away.
Brownies – I am super glad that I decided to go back to working with the girls but I forgot how crazy things get at the end of the year!   We have a sleepover on May 5th, a camp on June 8th (the day after I get back from vegas at midnight!!) a year end party to plan, somehow my badges midyear plan went to the wayside and now here I am at the end of the year giving them a huge handful of badges SIGH! and after that is all done I will have to start planning in earnest for the big week long camp in August.   Keep your eyes out for cool women in the workforce ideas.   My site is going to be called “Trades in Training” since I am the counsellor in training program.

Choir – Good Noise just held its first ever Gala and I bartended!  It was super fun and we did some pretty good fundraising for a first year effort.   We are screaming towards our spring concerts which I will not be singing in as I forgot the date when we booked our tickets, so Tom and I are on vacation and the tickets are non-refundable!  I have to say it has been very weird to work so hard for a concert I am not even going to be in.

So that's me in a nutshell!

As you can see, probably over programmed and really busy but I just can’t imagine cutting out any of it….well maybe work if I won the lottery!

I guess I better get back too it!  Tonight we are taking the brownies to Kidtropolis – a real life imagination town!  They can be bankers, fly a plane, or maybe even be a fireman!


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